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    Frequently Asked Questions

    UNIQU Lighting kit

    The UNIQU lighting kit phone clamp extends as wide as 3.15 inches. It can accommodate all new generation phones since they are all under 3.15 inches. You can use it with your phone case.

    At the 90 degrees configuration, big phones like iPhone 12/13 Pro Max, Samsung S21 Ultra as examples will be fully supported. UNIQU lighting kit can support up to 400-500 grams in the overhead configuration.

    The UNIQU Lighting Kit can support phones with cases up to 3.15 inches. New phone releases are supported e.g. iPhone 12 and 13 Pro Max and Samsung S20 and S21 Ultra. The phone clamps have silicon grips so your phone will not slide or fall out.

    The minimum is 20 cm and the maximum is 83 cm.

    The lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The CRI rating is 80.

    The pole can be extended up to 42cm horizontally from the main pole when in the 90°/ overhead or 45° configuration.

    No, the UNIQU Lighting Kit cannot hold an iPad, but our iPad Kit will.



    Extended Height


    Product Weight(g)

    1316g (please note)

    Load Capacity(kg)



    Aluminum Alloy, ABS

    LED Light

    3.8v 1000mAh

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