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360 Photo-Booth - UNIQU

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Make Your Events Unforgettable With a Truly Unique Cinematic Experience!

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Technical Specifications

Essential details

The 360 Photobooth captures 360-degree photos and videos. The booth uses cutting-edge technology to create stunning, high-quality images that can be shared on social media or downloaded onto a personal device. We highly recommend Snappic & Touchpix for your 360 Photobooth rental business. 

It includes 3 remotes for the LED base light, LED Ring Light, and the controller for the speed + direction of the ring light, and a flight case for easy storage.


195*132*35 CM

Shooting tools:

DSLR Camera


2448 x 2448 pixels per eye

Rotating stand angle:

45 -135 Adjustable



What's Included

  • Portable photo booth

  • Ring/Base LED lights with multi hues settings

  • 4 adjustable camera/phone mounts

  • Support multiple smart devices

  • Sturdy platform with safe metal foot cup

  • 3 remote controls

Professional Support


Set up the platform securing it to a stable surface.

Adjust camera mounts and connect cables and adapters to your camera or smartphone.

Start the rotation and capture your shots!

24/7 Support Desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.


EXPLORE THE 360 Photo-Booth

360-Degree Rotating Platform!

One of the most significant features of the rotating photo booth is its 360-degree rotating platform with stunning LED lights. It allows users to take photos and videos from all angles, creating a dynamic and fun experience for everyone involved.

Dynamic Sturdy Device Holder!

360 Photo Booth has 4 sturdy hooks/holders to accommodate various devices, such as phones, cameras, and tablets. This hook feature ensures that the device stays in place during the rotation, providing a secure and stable platform for users to take photos and videos. 

Adjustable Angle and Height!

The photo booth's platform is adjustable in terms of angle and height, providing complete customization and control over your photo experience. Its size can be raised or lowered to accommodate people of different heights, and the angle can be adjusted to capture different perspectives.

Easy to Use and Set Up!

The booth's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. The booth also comes with a flight case for easy storage and transport, making it the perfect party accessory. 

Take Your Events and Parties to the Next Level!

Create an unforgettable event or party by keeping your guests engaged and entertained throughout the festivities. Utilize the innovative technology of the 360 Photo Booth to ensure your guests feel fully immersed in the experience, capturing and preserving every moment of the celebration.

Our fascinating photo booth ensures that guests can use their own devices, such as phones and cameras, to take photos and videos, further increasing engagement and participation in the event. Additionally, the booth's LED ring light with three hue settings and adjustable speed and direction provides ample lighting and creative opportunities for guests to express themselves and feel like a part of the event.

Revolutionize Your Photography Game!

Use 360 Photo Booth for diving into an unexplored world of photography and content creation. It offers an innovative way to capture stunning images from new angles and perspectives, making you stand out from the crowd. It enables you to control the speed and spin clockwise or counterclockwise wirelessly. 

Capture a slow-motion video or customize overlays and animations; excellent content can be created within seconds. Additionally, the booth's base LED light with multiple tints, adjustable rotating speed, and direction provides ample lighting options for photographers, ensuring that every image is perfectly lit and dynamic!

Capture Priceless Memories Anywhere, Anytime!

360 Photo Booth with a hook is an innovative and unique way to capture unforgettable memories at your event or party. It features a 360-degree rotating platform that allows users to strike a pose from all angles, creating a fun and dynamic experience for everyone involved.

The booth also comes equipped with a remote control LED Ring light with three hue settings, which provides ample lighting for any environment, ensuring that photos come out clear and bright. 

It is portable and supports multiple devices, including: 

✔️ DSLRs
✔️ GoPros
✔️ iPhones
✔️ iPads
✔️ Smartphones
✔️ Tablets etc.

Add a New Level of Fun to Your Events With the Revolutionary 360 Photo Booth!



What types of devices are compatible with the rotating photo booth?

The booth is compatible with various cameras such as DSLRs, GoPros, smartphones, and tablets. It also supports multiple devices, making it easy for anyone to use.

How long does it take to set up the booth?

The booth is easy to set up and typically takes only a few minutes. It comes equipped with an AC/DC adapter and includes three remotes for the LED base light, LED ring light, and a controller for the speed and direction of the ring light. Additionally, it comes with a flight case for easy storage and transportation.

Is the booth safe to use?

Yes, the booth is designed with safety in mind. It has a sturdy base for 2-6 persons and a safe metal foot cup. Additionally, it is easy to use with a user-friendly interface, making it a safe and fun option for any event or trade show.

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