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Glow-Ring - UNIQU

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Step Up Your Content Creation Game Like Never Before!

Whether you're a podcaster, broadcaster, streamer, content creator, photographer, or videographer, our GlowRing Light is the perfect solution for your lighting needs! Upgrade your lighting game and create stunning content on the go!

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Illuminate Your Creativity With Perfect Lighting Every Time!

Telescopic Stand with Stable Metal Base!
The GlowRing light consists of a stretching telescopic stand with a sturdy metal base that provides excellent stability and ensures that your light ring stays in place, no matter how much you move around. You can extend it to the perfect height for your needs.
Adjustable Angle and Height!
It has an adjustable height and angle feature that lets you take shots at various angles for your desired effects. The central pole of the ring light can be adjusted in height, giving you a range of 71.12CM to 94.13CM to match your sitting or standing position. 
Bluetooth Pairing!
It enables you to remotely control the light's brightness, color temperature, and settings using the included remote. It gives you greater flexibility and convenience when lighting up photos, videos, or live streams.
Semi-circular Ring Light Frame!
It can rotate 360° horizontally, giving you even more control over your lighting setup. With this versatile feature, you can achieve professional-quality lighting for your content creation needs.

Go Hands-Free During Video Calls With Glowring’s Dual Phone Holder Stand!

Say goodbye to tired arms and hands; enjoy hands-free video calling with the GlowRing light stand with 2 phone holders suitable for 3.5-6.7" mobile phones. The stand provides sturdy and stable hooks for your phone, ensuring it conveniently stays in place and doesn't fall over or move around during video calls. 

The featuring clips can be freely rotated in all directions giving you the most comfortable shooting angle on remote working, zoom calls, online virtual meetings, etc. Moreover, these exceptional phone holders on the stand allow you to keep a backup phone handy or even use two phones simultaneously for multitasking.

Elevate Your Visuals to the Next Level!

Capturing flawless visuals requires proper lighting. Our GlowRing, with 130 LED lamp beads, makes it easy to achieve the perfect vivid vista for drawing videos, online lectures, cooking, makeup, and more. 

With this controllable LED lighting, you can easily adjust the light intensity and color temperature to achieve the perfect glow for any situation. It enables you to customize your lighting to suit your preferences, resulting in stunning, professional-quality content every time.

What People Like You Are Saying About Glow-Ring!

As an aspiring content creator, I always struggled with finding the perfect lighting for my videos and photos. But ever since I got the GlowRing light, my life has been so much easier! I love its 3 different color modes and 5 brightness levels, which means I can always find the perfect lighting no matter where I am. 

Plus, the 360-degree rotation and adjustable height allow me to position the light exactly where I need it. It's made creating content so much simpler and more enjoyable! Henna R. US

My girlfriend loves taking selfies like it's her passion, but she always struggles to get the lighting just right. Using natural light was always unreliable and often left her with unflattering shadows. Then I found this amazing ring light with adjustable hues and bendable settings and gifted her. She was amazed at the perfect DSLR results that came out only after using the light. 

Since getting the GlowRing light, taking selfies has been a breeze! Robin K. AUS

As a makeup artist, I need good lighting to create the perfect look. But I often work in low light settings, making it challenging to get the lighting just right. Since getting the GlowRing light, my work has improved so much! The adjustable brightness and color modes mean I can always find the perfect lighting for my clients and position the light exactly where I need it. Julia H. CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GlowRing light compatible with all smartphones?
Yes, the GlowRing light is compatible with most smartphones, as it comes with a sturdy, flexible phone holder that can be adjusted at all angles to achieve horizontal or vertical shooting.
Does the GlowRing light come with a remote control?
Yes, the GlowRing light comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness, color temperature, and turn on/off the light from a distance.
Can the GlowRing light be used for outdoor shoots?
The GlowRing light is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. You can use it for indoor/outdoor shoots as well, as it is powered by a USB cable that can be connected to any power device with a USB port, such as a power bank, laptop, or wall adapter.
The GlowRing comes with a microscopic sturdy stand that can be stretched up to 71.12CM to 94.13CM to meet your needs of different heights. 
You can collect it as soon as you reach the store. Check store timings before leaving form home.
Can the brightness and color temperature of the GlowRing light be adjusted?
GlowRing light offers 3 different color temperatures and 5 brightness levels to choose from, allowing you to adjust the lighting to suit your needs and preferences.

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