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How UNIQU Can Help You Create High-Quality Content

How UNIQU Can Help You Create High-Quality Content - UNIQU

With the advent of social media, people have been consuming content at a rate like never seen before. Gone are the days when people have to have the whole production team produce a single 15-minute video. If you have to take a few hours just to come up with a 30-sec clip of the latest trending news, then you’re probably too late to capture anyone’s attention.

Thus, the key to this age of content production is to always be ready to shoot whenever a content-worthy event presents itself.

Here at UNIQU, we want you to achieve your best potential as a content creator. That’s why we came up with a list of tools that’ll not only help you improve your craft but will also make your life as a content creator more fun and relatively easier.

Vlog Kit

We figured we should start this recommendation list with the complete package. If you’ve been pondering which tools to get to kickstart your vlogging journey, then the UNIQU Vlog Kit is the answer.

The Complete Creator kit includes a grip/tripod, portable led light, microphone, and a Bluetooth remote. This is the ideal package to transform any smartphone into a powerful vlogging gear.

Overhead Ring light

Whether you’re just starting as a content creator or looking to improve your content, a UNIQU Overhead Ring Light is a must-have. 

With a diameter of 8”, this ring light boasts a powerful output that could easily bring much-needed illumination to any frame. Since the light is dimmable, you can easily adjust the lighting settings to match the theme of your subject. Setting up is easy, too, thanks to the included cellphone and tablet holders. 

Wireless Microphone

Aside from producing high-quality images and reels, one has to have a clear recording of any audio content. That’s why the UNIQU Wireless Microphone is a must-have. This wireless microphone enables omnidirectional recording and comes with professional-grade noise reduction chips and wind muffs. This ensures accurate original sound identification and clear recording even in the most unideal (*cough*noisy*cough*) environments.

Working on a live stream? You don’t have to get a separate microphone set-up as this mic is compatible with Youtube and Facebook live stream features. 

UNIQU Ipad Kit

Okay, so you want to create content, but unfortunately, you only have your Ipad with you. With the UNIQU Ipad Kit, that’s no problem. 

The Ipad has evolved to levels that make it virtually a powerful laptop that doubles as a tablet. The recent models even have a LIDAR lens that helps in getting accurate images of things. But despite this, shooting with an Ipad remains a challenge, well, because of its size. 

To solve this, UNIQU’s Ipad Kit helps you transform your Ipad into an all-in-one creative studio. Take advantage of your Ipad’s high-quality optics and use it to shoot vlogs by mounting it into the Ipad Kit. The kit’s ring light gives you the lighting you need, while the kit provides stability to every frame.

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