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About Us

We are a shop founded by content creators for content creators. We have first-hand experience with the challenges of being a content creator. The main obstacle to being a content creator is visualizing your killer ideas. Oftentimes, we have thought of amazing content, but we either lack the skill to execute it or the tools to produce high-quality images or videos of it. We know how difficult it is to create content without the correct lighting, standard studio tools, equipment, among others.


UNIQU's goal is to overcome this challenge. We aim to encourage more people to achieve their content creation goals by providing the tools to help them become successful. Contrary to the myth, you don't have to buy the latest video/photography tools to become the next influencer—you only have to work smart and that's why we're here. During the last couple of years, we've been elated to see a lot of people being involved in content creation. We've seen ordinary people become celebrities overnight because people love what they talk or share about. We're happy to see how content creation has changed the lives of so many people.


We offer unique items that do not only make your life as a content creator more manageable but also make the shooting experience more convenient. Our tools also help you produce higher-quality visual content. From lighting tools to cellphone and tablet holders, you no longer have to worry about having shaky or dim-lighted videos in the future! Our vlogger and lighting kits are also a game-changer in this industry. You don't have to lug around a huge camera and microphone rig anymore just to shoot high-quality content.


So, whether you're a newbie influencer or an experienced blogger, check out our shop now to see what we have in store for you! Allow us to help you become a successful content creator.

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